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Irish ‘premier’ Bertie Ahern and News Of The World’s top phone tapper

Former Irish ‘premier’ Bertie Ahern was a protégée of Charlie Haughey who was forced from government because of his phone tapping scandal.
Haughey was three times prime minister of Ireland but he was also a gunrunner who had helped wealthy people to evade their taxes and of course he took his cut, like a true Mafioso.
Haughey maintained constant eavesdropping on both allies and foes until he was run out of politics and then emerged the truth of how deep he was mired in corruption from tax evasion to embezzlement.
It later emerged that Haughey had helped Ireland’s top grocer to dodge tax and Tribunal lawyers discovered that Haughey had arranged a meeting between Ireland’s leading grocer and top tax inspectors.
These discussions resulted in the grocer’s tax bill being reduced by millions and the Tribunal found that it was not coincidental, and that it was a substantial benefit conferred on the grocer by Haughey’s actions.
All this skullduggery was studied by his protégé ‘premier’ Bertie Ahern.
We call Bertie Ahern ‘premier’ because that is the title conferred on him by Rupert Murdoch who made the petulant decision to make Ahern ‘premier’ of Ireland. (See Johnlifebooks blog )
And apprentice Ahern learned the lesson from Haughey – always do your master’s bidding.
Not only was Rupert Murdoch allowed to establish a powerful media presence in Ireland, so powerful it could make or break a government, but his foot soldiers were given leeway to establish eavesdropping operations not only on the Irish but also on UK citizens and the British royal family.
News International’s Dublin headquarters was staffed by Alex Marunchak who formerly worked on the London newsdesk of the News Of The World.
He had been promoted by Rebekah Brooks, the former chief executive of News International and known as Rupert Murdoch’s ‘fifth daughter’.
Alex Marunchak set up an extensive phone tapping operation for the News Of The World and ran it from Dublin.
He is a Ukrainian who has spent most of his working life with the News Of The World.
But in the 1990s before coming to Ireland Alex Marunchak had a second job while full time working for the News Of The World.
He was also employed as an interpreter for the UK’s Metropolitan Police.
Some may find it bizarre that a News Of The World snooper was also hired to translate for victims, witnesses and suspects of UK crimes who could not speak English.
Of course Alex Marunchak had to be vetted and of course he signed the UK’s Official Secrets Act.
But there was little vetting in Dublin and he was given free run to set up an elaborate phone tapping operation for News Of The World, which not only scanned UK politicians, business people and celebrities but also eavesdropped on the British royal family.
The question now for Irish citizens to ask is what was Alex Marunchak’s relationship with Bertie Ahern.
Mr. Ahern became a columnist for the News Of The World earning some €100,000 a year.
Bertie Ahern cannot write. He was phoned up by the News Of The World office in Dublin, bladdered away and a News International reporter transcribed it into English.
But Bertie Ahern was a regular attendant at News International business and social events.
Mr. Ahern habitually attended the News Of The World Christmas parties.
Can Mr. Ahern truthfully say he never worked for Alex Marunchak, or will he deny ever meeting Alex Marunchak?
Former Irish ‘premier’ Bertie Ahern has questions to answer about his working relationship with Rupert Murdoch and the tax regime News International enjoyed in the Republic but also Mr. Ahern must now come clean about Alex Marunchak who ran a massive phone tapping operation from Dublin for the News Of The World that eavesdropped on UK politicians, celebrities, ordinary citizens and the British royal family while they were in the UK and possibly the USA.

How Cozy was Bertie Ahern and the Irish Revenue with Rupert Murdoch

Irish citizens have a question to ask: How cozy was the relationship between disgraced Taoiseach Bertie Ahern and toxic media tycoon Rupert Murdoch?
And then a deeper question: How cozy was Murdoch’s company News International with the Irish Revenue?
During Patrick Bartholomew (Bertie) Ahern’s term as ‘premier’ from 1997 to 2008 Murdoch published in the Republic the Irish News Of The World, the Irish Sun, Irish Sunday Times, The Times and of course broadcast Sky which he had a large stake in.
During this period Murdoch’s media empire grew exponentially in the Republic.
Murdoch’s means of publication all turned to favour Bertie Ahern after Rupert on the whim of a mobile phone call decided to back Ahern to become ‘premier’ of the Republic of Ireland.
Murdoch made this petulant decision while on his private jet because the former Taoiseach John Bruton (1994-1997) had not attended the launch of the Irish News Of The World in Dublin’s Shelbourne Hotel.
Mr. Bruton, credited with turning the Irish economy around, could not attend because he was fully involved with affairs of State. (see yesterday’s blog).
During Ahern’s period of premiership News International went on to become probably the second largest news publisher in Ireland after Independent Newspapers.
Now Irish citizens have a right to ask: How much tax did News International pay to the Irish exchequer?
And a second question: Did any other publisher in the Republic enjoy similar tax treatment?
And the third question: Did Bertie Ahern, who later became a columnist with the Irish News Of The World, guide or help his employer Rupert Murdoch and his Irish companies to gain and maintain sympathetic tax exposures in Ireland?
And another question: What was Bertie Ahern’s relationship with News International’s former chief executive Rebekah Brooks, who also attended the News Of The World launch party in the Shelbourne Hotel?
She was released from UK police custody last night (Sunday July 17) after spending 12 hours in the cells. British detectives are investigating allegations of phone hacking and the corrupting of police officers by the News Of The World.
Rebekah Brooks had a fondness for ‘premiers’ and became close with British prime ministers David Cameron, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.
And she employed disgraced ‘premier’ Bertie Ahern after his fibbing cost him his job of Taoiseach.
Over to Mr. Ahern….

Did Rupert Murdoch make Bertie Ahern ‘premier’ of Ireland

How much control has media tycoon Rupert Murdoch exerted in Ireland?
This question is partially answered in this interview with a Dublin businessman, whose identity we safeguard so he can tell you….

“I attended the launch party of the Irish News Of The World in Dublin’s famous Shelbourne Hotel back in the 1990s. The Shelbourne being a fine old lady in St Stephen’s Green naturally attracted Irish business people, local celebs and a bucket load of business suits from News International to the launch. The NOW editor Phil Hall had flown over for the launch party. He became NOW editor in 1995 until 2000 when he was sacked by Rupert Murdoch for publishing a story on the writer, convicted criminal and Conservative politician Jeffrey Archer that Mr. Murdoch did not want published. Also I noticed, well everyone did, flame haired Rebekah Wade also sipping champagne and nibbling at canapés. She is now called Rebekah Brooks and until last week was chief executive of News International. News International reporters Paddy Clancy, John Moore and local freelance journalists also attended. The happiest group congregated around singer Finbar Furey who was regaling them with funny stories. The then Taoiseach John Bruton was to attend but did not make the party on the Shelbourne’s second floor. I was called into a side room with four NI / News Corps suits, with the most plumy-ist voices I ever came across. Phil Hall nor Rebekah Wade were called into that room, only the suits and myself. The suits stood nervously about, fidgeting, obviously on the edge of panic. The senior suit, a tallish, grey-haired man, held a mobile phone in his right hand. Mobiles were still a rarity in those days and Irish mobiles then looked more like lumps of turf than the slim ubiquitous communications tools of today. But his mobile was sleek, up market. He addressed me directly, stating they had a problem; the Irish prime minister had not turned up for the launch. John Bruton was Taoiseach from 1994 to 1997, leading a coalition of his Fine Gael Party, the Labour Party and the Democratic Left Party; a government that was credited with turning Ireland’s economy around. The grey-haired suit asked me what other politicians were in attendance. I told them Mary Harney, leader of the small Progressive Democrats pro-business party was inside enjoying their hospitality and as I had walked to the inside room I had noticed Bertie Ahern walking up the stairs to the party. I had to explain to the NI / News Corp suits that Bertie Ahern had become leader of the opposition Fianna Fail Party (1994). Then we stood in silence until the mobile rang. The senior suit answered: “Hello, Rupert.” We could all clearly hear that commanding Australian voice ask how the launch of his new Irish version of the NOW was going. It sounded like he was on some jet, on some trans ocean or trans continental flight. The senior suit was very very nervous and he began to shake when Mr. Murdoch asked what the Irish premier had said. The senior suit explained: “Prime minister Bruton has sent his apologies. He cannot attend because of business of State.” There then followed a silence so thick that a hacksaw could not cut a way through it. Then came a sterner voiced Mr. Murdoch asking what politicians were present. The senior suit looked at me like a wee boy pleading for help before he peed in his pants. I again stated that Ms Harney and Bertie Ahern were present and explained who they were. The senior suit replayed, as I spoke, repeating word for word into the mobile. Again there was a silence before Mr. Murdoch said this Bertie Ahern will be the next premier of Ireland. The suits all nodded in agreement as if taking an order from God on high. The three to four minute mobile call ended and we all trooped back to the party which ended that night, still downing champagne, in Dublin’s most exclusive night club, Lillie’s Bordello. But at that moment I never attached a significance to the mobile call but as history unfolded Bertie Ahern within a short time became ‘premier’ of Ireland, and some could say it was in no small thanks to NI newspapers (the Irish Sun, Irish News Of The World, Sunday Times, The Times and of course Sky) backing Fianna Fail in the 1997 general election. Bertie Ahern became not just ‘premier’ of the Republic of Ireland but subsequently also became a columnist with the News of the World and his youngest daughter landed a book deal that propelled her into international fame and onto the best-seller lists. I never released the import of that mobile call. Thanks to Mr. Murdoch, Bertie Ahern became ‘premier’ of Ireland and went on to bankrupt the country. I wish I never had walked into that room.”


Christiania Du Har Mit Hjerte kan købes i den Sorte Diamant boghandel, Grønsagen, Den Grønne Hal, Indkøberen, Stuen i Kælderen.
Det Poetiske Bureaus Forlag, Møllegade, Nørrebro, København,

Christiania You Have My Heart er blevet oploaded til Kindle. Den vil være til råde om et par dage.

Christiania You Have My Heart in English will be available in a few days. It is still with the printer.

Christiania You Have My Heart have been uploaded to Kindle and will be available in a few days.


Once upon a future time, in 2018 a psychopathic billionaire becomes Denmark’s prime minister and plans to make himself king of all the Scandinavian crowns so he can turn Europe into a corporate continent. But the hippie freestate of Christiania in central Copenhagen stands in the way of this sex mad media tycoon who makes Berlusconi look like a holy monk.

Hans and Freja, in their mid twenties, and their Christiania circus jesters battle the misogynist tyrant with bicycles, clowns and jugglers. Freja meets and falls in love with Hans Christian O’Reilly Andersen but learns that Hans already has three lovers.

Freja meets his lovers Britta, Lea, Zara and his friends from Christiania circus, who survive by dumpster diving, living from what they find in skips while the despot resides in hedonistic opulence and is allowing his reincarnation to be evilly used so as to prowl the Danes back again on all fours in their minds to the brute.

The jesters are anarchists and pacifists who reject careless greed but they can only overcome by a superior truth or beauty. Can they succeed in a non-violent way and live up to Christiania’s peace-loving ideals when the bully autocrat attempts to demolish Freetown in the squatted former military barracks?

The plot twists when Hans discovers he is the illegitimate offspring of the seventy-three-year-old despot who has set up his own neo-nazi movement, the greyshirts who make double-arm dazi salutes and are part of his grand plan to turn Denmark into a greyed corporatized fascist state.

Father and son fight to a gripping end as Hans leads the circus jugglers, cycling to Denmark’s wealthiest suburb while police are surrounding Christiania. This impossible-to-put-down future fairytale builds to a showdown where Hans for the first time meets his father, who offers Hans everything, power and endless pleasure, if he changes side. Hans refuses to abandon his friends and Christiania’s ideal: a city-state of freedom, community and creativity.

A common meeting hears a lawyer say Christiania should be given the Nobel Peace Prize but instead the tyrant orders them to leave Christiania and Christianites are dejected when Hans says he will not attack but…

Hans, a Jesus look-alike, carries a cross out of Christiania, followed by Christianites all carrying crosses, silently. The street fills with dejected families, all Jesus-like figures, as a Christ energy pulses through them, and waves out from them, touching all the public, media, police and soldiers who watch on in silence at every crucifying step.

And the climax of this 97000-word novel builds to see if Christiania and Denmark and probably Europe can be saved from world war three, which the dictator plans against China, and can Hans, Freja, Christinaites and Denmark’s Queen Margrethe live again, together, with laughter, happy ever after.

Christiania You Have My heart

A futuristic and adventurous fairytale com novel by John Life called Christiania You Have My Heart. Both in Danish and in English.