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Once upon a future time, in 2018 a psychopathic billionaire becomes Denmark’s prime minister and plans to make himself king of all the Scandinavian crowns so he can turn Europe into a corporate continent. But the hippie freestate of Christiania in central Copenhagen stands in the way of this sex mad media tycoon who makes Berlusconi look like a holy monk.

Hans and Freja, in their mid twenties, and their Christiania circus jesters battle the misogynist tyrant with bicycles, clowns and jugglers. Freja meets and falls in love with Hans Christian O’Reilly Andersen but learns that Hans already has three lovers.

Freja meets his lovers Britta, Lea, Zara and his friends from Christiania circus, who survive by dumpster diving, living from what they find in skips while the despot resides in hedonistic opulence and is allowing his reincarnation to be evilly used so as to prowl the Danes back again on all fours in their minds to the brute.

The jesters are anarchists and pacifists who reject careless greed but they can only overcome by a superior truth or beauty. Can they succeed in a non-violent way and live up to Christiania’s peace-loving ideals when the bully autocrat attempts to demolish Freetown in the squatted former military barracks?

The plot twists when Hans discovers he is the illegitimate offspring of the seventy-three-year-old despot who has set up his own neo-nazi movement, the greyshirts who make double-arm dazi salutes and are part of his grand plan to turn Denmark into a greyed corporatized fascist state.

Father and son fight to a gripping end as Hans leads the circus jugglers, cycling to Denmark’s wealthiest suburb while police are surrounding Christiania. This impossible-to-put-down future fairytale builds to a showdown where Hans for the first time meets his father, who offers Hans everything, power and endless pleasure, if he changes side. Hans refuses to abandon his friends and Christiania’s ideal: a city-state of freedom, community and creativity.

A common meeting hears a lawyer say Christiania should be given the Nobel Peace Prize but instead the tyrant orders them to leave Christiania and Christianites are dejected when Hans says he will not attack but…

Hans, a Jesus look-alike, carries a cross out of Christiania, followed by Christianites all carrying crosses, silently. The street fills with dejected families, all Jesus-like figures, as a Christ energy pulses through them, and waves out from them, touching all the public, media, police and soldiers who watch on in silence at every crucifying step.

And the climax of this 97000-word novel builds to see if Christiania and Denmark and probably Europe can be saved from world war three, which the dictator plans against China, and can Hans, Freja, Christinaites and Denmark’s Queen Margrethe live again, together, with laughter, happy ever after.

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