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How Cozy was Bertie Ahern and the Irish Revenue with Rupert Murdoch

Irish citizens have a question to ask: How cozy was the relationship between disgraced Taoiseach Bertie Ahern and toxic media tycoon Rupert Murdoch?
And then a deeper question: How cozy was Murdoch’s company News International with the Irish Revenue?
During Patrick Bartholomew (Bertie) Ahern’s term as ‘premier’ from 1997 to 2008 Murdoch published in the Republic the Irish News Of The World, the Irish Sun, Irish Sunday Times, The Times and of course broadcast Sky which he had a large stake in.
During this period Murdoch’s media empire grew exponentially in the Republic.
Murdoch’s means of publication all turned to favour Bertie Ahern after Rupert on the whim of a mobile phone call decided to back Ahern to become ‘premier’ of the Republic of Ireland.
Murdoch made this petulant decision while on his private jet because the former Taoiseach John Bruton (1994-1997) had not attended the launch of the Irish News Of The World in Dublin’s Shelbourne Hotel.
Mr. Bruton, credited with turning the Irish economy around, could not attend because he was fully involved with affairs of State. (see yesterday’s blog).
During Ahern’s period of premiership News International went on to become probably the second largest news publisher in Ireland after Independent Newspapers.
Now Irish citizens have a right to ask: How much tax did News International pay to the Irish exchequer?
And a second question: Did any other publisher in the Republic enjoy similar tax treatment?
And the third question: Did Bertie Ahern, who later became a columnist with the Irish News Of The World, guide or help his employer Rupert Murdoch and his Irish companies to gain and maintain sympathetic tax exposures in Ireland?
And another question: What was Bertie Ahern’s relationship with News International’s former chief executive Rebekah Brooks, who also attended the News Of The World launch party in the Shelbourne Hotel?
She was released from UK police custody last night (Sunday July 17) after spending 12 hours in the cells. British detectives are investigating allegations of phone hacking and the corrupting of police officers by the News Of The World.
Rebekah Brooks had a fondness for ‘premiers’ and became close with British prime ministers David Cameron, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.
And she employed disgraced ‘premier’ Bertie Ahern after his fibbing cost him his job of Taoiseach.
Over to Mr. Ahern….


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