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Nobel Peace Prize for EU

The Norwegians, after all, do have a sense of humour …. giving the peace prize to the EU.
So let the Scanwegians continue their sense of the bizarre to a logical conclusion and grant next year’s prize to their spliff-toking cousins in the freetown of Christiania in Copenhagen.
Christiania could apply for international sovereignty as that Danish collective, on about 70 acres in central Copenhagen, has maintained borders and self-governance outside of the EU for over four decades – despite fending off junkies, rockers, hell’s angels, biker gangs, crime, police and a hostile authority.
But instead of warring (well, despite the hash battles and police raids on Pusher Street where cannabis is openly sold at outdoor stalls in the hippie town), this self-governing Christiania has given humans a space to work for fraternity between nations, for the reduction and abolition of standing armies, and the promotion of peace congresses, the very criteria that Alfred Nobel awarded his peace prize for.
So does reason not dictate that the Norwegians agree that Christiania also deserves the Nobel Peace Prize?

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