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Decriminalise drug use, say UK experts after six-year study

A six-year study of Britain’s drug laws by the UK Drug Policy Commission, an independent advisory body of scientists, police, academics and experts, has concluded that possession of small amounts of controlled drugs should no longer be a criminal offense and it is time to introduce decriminalization.
Another learned report, the Indian hemp commission at the turn of the last century, recommended against prohibition because no clear evidence found significant damage to adults who reasonably used cannabis.
Serious medical reports since then have not found compelling data that moderate use causes detrimental effects.
No one has ever died from cannabis in its natural state.
Is it not better for society to bring drug trends out into the open so our children are not snared into a life of crime from scoring a soft smoke.
Danger hides in buying cannabis, however, liberal laws ease villainy out of the cannabis culture.
Narcotics are the repose of minorities. About five per cent of the global population use cannabis.
This unwinnable war on drugs, for the ‘cure’ is worse than the ailment, is a war on minorities.
So what fears does authority have? Do the US and UK governments fear their citizens will turn from soulless materialism and so stop the war industries? Why else, do they keep a peace-plant banned?
The US tries prohibition, again, yet first time round illicit alcohol sales only rose, spawning Al Capone, the Mafia and organized crime.
Today a growing swell of Americans (65% to 75%) now want medical marijuana legalized, and pot is now becoming the biggest cash crop in America.
This cannabis prohibition enforcement will not exorcise dope dabbling out of existence, for forbidden fruit creates an attraction, magnetizing kids towards it.
While liberalization will not make people nobler, it will it not hook the general population.
Most US and European citizens refuse drugs, not because they are almost immune from prosecution, but because they are just not interested.
Reason would dictate that this failed war on a minority must end, and cannabis legalized.

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