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American billionaires can repair Sandy‘s destruction by chipping a billion each into a Sandy recovery fund.
Even the lowest on Forbes’s top 40th richest people in the U.S., Steve Cohen, a hedge fund success, from Greenwich, Connecticut, will still have $7.8 billion left.
Warren Buffett, Larry Ellison or Bill Gates are not going to miss a billion.
But this $40 billion contribution, on top of government money, would not only reconstruct a safer America to face future storms that are predicted to intensify, but also the techniques and engineering the Americans are now learning from this disaster, can be developed, technologicalized, and exported to many other countries facing similar coastal storm damage dangers, and the American people will win high-end exports to advanced and developing economies, which, no doubt, Warren Buffett, Larry Ellison and Bill Gates could make money in those exports.

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