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This book Christiania Angel has everything. Humour, Political intrigue, romance, high ideals, low morals, tension and romance. It’s an excellent parody of a political system and capitalism gone mad. Laugh out loud funny at times but even as you laugh, you see the serious undertones. Brilliant!
I loved the scene of the fire juggling, the love Hans feels for Freja is almost otherworldly.
I laughed heartily at a lot of the political stuff, but be careful, some of our eminent politicians might want to share the copyright!!! So much of this was familiar, where we all went mad with our capitalism and consumerism. Christiania Angel gives you hope that there might be something better out there, I’m not saying we should live out of dumpsters but maybe a little more sharing and caring that is the heart of Christiania. 
Well done, John. I hope it is very successful.

Tara Finnegan, author, Ireland.

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