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Insane Arrest Of A Dead Woman

American police arrested a woman in front of her screaming children, told her she was actually dead, but still they held her behind bars.
St. Louis cops falsely arrested Shannon Renee McNeal, claiming she was someone else who was already dead, but they continued to hold Mrs McNeal in jail – even after acknowledging that the warrant was for a dead person.
Mrs McNeal claims she was arrested during a routine traffic stop, according to AlterNet (
The police said she was being arrested because there was an outstanding warrant for her … but she said the warrant was not for her.
She begged the cops not to arrest her in front of her children who were crying and screaming in her car…
They did, and jailed her.
Now Mrs McNeal is suing the St. Louis Division of Corrections, the City of St. Louis, all of the members of the St. Louis City Police Board, St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson, several police officers and St. Louis Circuit Clerk Jane Schweitzer.
Earlier this year, St. Louis paid $62,500 to settle a lawsuit by Travis S. Jones, who was mistakenly held for more than two months.
Mr Jones claimed that he was arrested and jailed even though the man authorities were actually looking for was already incarcerated.
Cedric Wright, who is also suing St. Louis, claims he spent more than eight weeks in jail on charges against another man.
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper conducted an investigation in 2013 that found about 100 people had been mistakenly arrested in recent years and collectively spent at least 2,000 days in jail.
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