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The first full-scale tidal generator in Wales has been unveiled in an attempt to reduce the UK’s carbon emissions.
The device, an underwater turbine mounted on a free-standing base, will be installed in Ramsey Sound, Pembrokeshire.
Its backers say it will be among the world’s first demonstration devices connected to the grid to generate green, renewable and predictable tidal power.
Enery generated by the 400kW demonstration device, which will be installed within weeks, will be used to power 100 nearby homes.
After a 12-month testing period, up to nine tidal devices will be installed off St Davids Head in Pembrokeshire to form a 10 megawatt array.
The DeltaStream device, developed by Tidal Energy (TEL) weighs 150 tonnes, and has a 52ft by 66ft (16 metre by 20 metre) frame.
Cardiff-based Tidal Energy claims its tidal generator is at the cutting edge of green technology, with three separate horizontal axis turbines mounted on a common triangular frame.
Each turbine has a 49ft (15 metre) diameter rotor which is connected to a generator to produce electricity both the ebb and flood tides.
It does not require expensive drilling into the seabed, the company claims, and has features to minimise impacts on the environment.

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