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Peaceniks battle a tyrant to save their freetown.


A psychopathic billionaire becomes prime minister of Denmark with plans to take over Europe, and declare world war three on China, but the hippie freestate of Christiania stands in the way of this sex mad media tycoon who makes Berlusconi look like a holy monk. Beautiful Freja visits Christiania in central Copenhagen and falls in love with Hans Christian O’Reilly Andersen. She learns that Hans already has three lovers, so Freja explores the hippie Freetown, and greets his lovers – eco-friendly vegetarian beauties. Freja also meets Hans’ young friends from the Christiania circus, who survive by squatting and dumpster diving; living from what they find in skips and garbage cast offs. Hans and Freja team up with the circus jesters to battle the misogynist tyrant, who resides in hedonistic opulence. However, the youngsters will not fight him with guns, but with bicycles, clowns and jugglers. These peaceful anarchists reject careless greed, but can they live up to Christiania’s non-violent ideals when the bully autocrat attempts to demolish their freetown?

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TAGS: Action & Adventure, Alternative Lifestyles, Anarchy, Cannabis, Conservation, Crime, Environment, Family, Fantasy, Freedom, Future, Inspirational, Intrigue, Literary Fiction, Mystery, Mystical, Peace Activists, Politics, Romance, Thriller & Suspense, Science Fiction, Squatting, Sustainability, Women’s Fiction.

Readers: Young Adult, Middle-Aged and Mature.

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