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CHRISTIANIA ANGEL owes thanks, a thousand thanks to:
Al, Alia, Alma, Anders Jepsen, Anders and Orkestar Baxtalo, Marie & Peter Monahan, Amalie, Anna, Annette & Ken Doyle, Ann Gitte, Anton, Barney Gloster, Britta, Carlos, Chris, Christian, Christine, Cornelius Lundsgaard Corneliussen, Dick Massey, Durval, John Kenny, Emil, Erik Ugespejlet, Eva & Eugene Graham, Flyer, Gordon Thomas, Graham, Gunni og Nitterne, and Viola, Gunnar Andersen, Gregor Best, Helga Højgaard Jørgensen, Helle, Henrik Fakir, Henrik, Henrik Hjulgaard, Ingrid, Isabelle, Jahson & Vera & Tamara, Jasmin, Jakob Bue Johnsen, Joel, Jonathan, Jytte Ørbæk, Karen, Karl Bille, Karl Maxibar, Ken, Kim & Kim, Kir Toft Vieth, Kirsten, Lisa Skjøth Madsen, Lis, Long Fin, Lotte, Lucas Margutti, Lumia Hurtigkarl, Mads Clim, Mads Baz, Majya Dunder, Maria Solá, Martin Prskawetz, Martin Thomsen, Matilda, Matias, Mette & Mette, Mia Michaela Nielsen, Michael – A Key is a Key, Morten & Morten, Nicole, Nina Estrup Willumsen, Nils Vest, Noa, Olga Witthauer, Ole Lillelund, Palle Ørbæk, Paula Costello, Pernille, Raik Stolzenberg, Rundvisergruppen, Siggi, Sløjfe, Storm, Stevie, Tash Verco, Terry K, Thomas Ertman, Ulf, Ulla Gravesen & Jacob Pedersen, Victoria Ritchie, Villy, Kartoflen, Ugespejlet, Det Poetiske Bureau Forlag, Ballonparken, Vindmølleparken, Vadestedet, Christiania… and, hoping it’s true for you too: ‘Christiania You Have My Heart’.
Acknowledgements: thanks for all the inspirations and all the lifts from Wikipedia, and:
Christiania Guide (2006) written, photographed and published by Christianites, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Nova, Helga (2006) ‘Anarchist’ and the Ponticelli band CD, Production Company, Town Tekst og melodi: Helga Højgaard Jørgensen.
Hedvard, Anni, (1991) ‘Christiania Du Har Mit Hjerte’ from Christiania’s Song Of Freedom. CD, Freddy Tornberg, Nils Vest, Copenhagen.
Vest, Nils (1991) ‘Christiania Du Har Mit Hjerte’ / ‘Christiania You Have My Heart’ film. Production: Freddy Tornberg Nils Vest, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Fallesen, Peter & Sulaima, Hind (2008) Fristaden Christiania. Nyt Nordisk Forlag, Arnold Busck, Copenhagen. ISBN 978-87-17-04004-5.
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Holberg, Ludvig (1720s) and his comedies.
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Lauring, Palle (1960) A History of Denmark. Høst & Søn, Copenhagen.
Lauritsen, Pernille W. (2002) A Short Guide To Christiania, translated by Rudi Narine and Martin Jøgensen. Aschehoug Dansk Forlag A/S. ISBN 87-11-162-0.
Lennon, John (1971) ‘Imagine’.
Lennon, John & McCartney, Paul (1967) ‘All You Need Is Love’
Loesser, Frank (1952) ‘Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen’ from the film ‘Hans Christian Andersen’ Samual Goldwin Company.
Newspapers: Christiania’s weekly newsletter Ugespejlet; The Copenhagen Post; Financial Times, The Guardian; Irish Daily Mail; Irish Times; and Sunday Telegraph.
Rushkoff, Douglas (2009) Life Inc: How the World Became a Corporation and How to Take it Back. The Bodley Head, London.
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THEK (2007) aod.crew The crew, DVD, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Zeitgeist: The Movie, (2007) Peter Joseph documentary.
Deepest thanks, and respect, to Jacob Ludvigsen for proclaiming Christiania in 1971.

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