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How old are humans?
The scientific establishment tells us a hundred thousand years.
Creationist tells us seven thousand years.
But evidence is popping out all over the planet that humans could be here for hundreds of millions of years … if not billions of years.
An MIT Boston scientist tells us: “We’ve basically been lied to about our ancient history. The body of evidence, and the amount if it, would suggest that in a free and open society we would learn about these very interesting artifacts, if it were not for the fact that it interrupts our social order.
“Obviously the internet age has made a huge impact on getting the word out. Because as you might imagine from the video, even a book, book tour, and multiple interviews globally, are all not enough to get the word out.
“At the very least we should at least ask the question, as we are the only human species, how come there is only one human species? When in all the plant kingdom there are multiple species of the same genus?”
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