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War On Sugar

Save the Lbs and your health by returning to the diet common 50 year ago.
Real home cooked food is the answer to weight reduction.
Less processed foods and sugar, but meals prepared from scratch.
It’s simple … but many people are unwittingly putting on weight because shop food is packed with sugar.
Sugar is probably the heaviest drug on Earth … more dangerous than cocaine, alcohol or tobacco … yet food manufactures are pushing more and more sugar into their products.
Sugar, not fat, is now considered the devil’s food.
Dr Robert Lustig is the planet’s white-knight come to save us from our addiction to sugar.
Dr. Lustig has published Fat Chance: The Hidden Truth About Sugar, Obesity and Disease, and has spent the past 16 years treating childhood obesity.
His meta-analysis of the cutting-edge research on large-cohort studies of what sugar does to populations across the world, alongside his own clinical observations, has him credited with starting the war on sugar.
“Politicians have to come in and reset the playing field, as they have with any substance that is toxic and abused, ubiquitous and with negative consequence for society,” he says. “Alcohol, cigarettes, cocaine. We don’t have to ban any of them. We don’t have to ban sugar. But the food industry cannot be given carte blanche. They’re allowed to make money, but they’re not allowed to make money by making people sick.”
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