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Who Owns The World

A few people own most of our world.
The global financial industry – stocks/shares, bonds and other markets – is controlled, owned and manipulated by the same people who own the world’s central banking system.
They also own a large percentage of all the world’s major corporations.
This little group controls Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, the World Bank…
They rig financial markets, currencies, governments, so that these few profit on the backs of the rest of the Earth’s population.
Their global corporate interests have them in every nook and cranny on the planet.
But they fear inflation flipping into deflation – as is now happening.
Unfortunately, their steadfast solution to deflation is to launch global war and so allow governments to renege on national debt as happened with WW1 and WW2.
They view people, society and the economy as machines, whose complex behaviour is predictable and so controllable.
But on the contrary, human society and our economies are more like living organisms.
Humans can achieve solutions to suit ourselves, and go against the controllers’ control, if we wake up and see what is happening, before we find ourselves again in the trenches…


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